Tea Party Planting: Alice in Wonderland style floral arrangements

As the world and his wife know by now, I’ve got a big thing about Alice in Wonderland, so it may not come as a big surprise to learn that my eye has been caught by flowers planted in oversized tea pots or giant cups and saucers like the ones from Marks and Spencer and Interflora below.

iconShopping in a junk/antiques shop in Huntingdon this weekend (I prefer the term junk shop, they still existed in my youth… now everything is vintage or antique, I grumble and digress) I found this giant tea-pot which I think will be perfect for planting something up in- I’m torn between an English Ivy/miniature rose combo or a more practical herb garden. It came with a plate to stand it on, but unfortunately that didn’t survive my boyfriend knocking them both off the table, though the tea-pot has which is impressive.

Tea pot planterFor more inspiring tea party decor, check out my friend Laura’s blog post about her trip to the Peace in the Park festival in Oxfordshire which paid tribute to the county’s Lewis Carroll connection.

6 thoughts on “Tea Party Planting: Alice in Wonderland style floral arrangements

  1. Rosie

    As someone learning how to repair ceramics, I really wish I lived closer so I could get some practice in and you could have your giant saucer back! I winced when I read they got knocked to the floor… I hope the teapot has no hairline cracks!

    1. Siobhan Post author

      The tea pot seems to be pretty much unscathed, but the saucer is shattered to smithereens. Still, I suppose I can use it to aid drainage in my pot plants ๐Ÿ™‚ How’s your course going?

  2. bookpolygamist

    I love plants in teacups/pots! I think that one is calling out for an ivy/rose combo to match it’s pattern ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe you’ll find another one that wants to be a herb garden? WordPress still doesn’t want to let me like your posts, but consider this a big star from a fellow Alice fanatic ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Siobhan Post author

      Thank you! I think it’s because I’m self hosting now and the like button on wordpress.org seems to be the blogging equivalent of a vestigial tail. Or maybe it’s just me? I don’t think I link into the reader function in the same way as I did.

      I’m currently leaning towards planting it with a strawberry plant and a mint plant so that I have pimms ingredients close to hand for the summer. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to gather together a few giant tea cups and maybe another tea pot so I can try out a selection of plantings for variety all year around but that might be a little bit too much like thinking ahead for me to succeed ๐Ÿ™‚


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