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Author Natasha Mostert talks about her Favourite Book

The task of choosing a favourite book is daunting because there are so many books I love and look to for inspiration. But Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea is the novel I reach for whenever I feel my prose turning stale and predictable. It is the most haunting story written in the most beautiful language. There are two sentences in this book, which to me sums up the appeal of the novel: “It was a beautiful place – wild, untouched, above all untouched, with an alien, disturbing, secret loveliness. And it kept its secret.” Every time I finish reading this book, I feel as though I have visited a magic place that will continue to enchant me no matter how many times I visit, even as it stays wholly mysterious.

Rhys’s novel functions as a prequel to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. I read Jane Eyre many years before Sargasso Sea and even then the “mad woman in the attic” fascinated me. In Sargasso Sea the destructive lunatic in Bronte’s novel is revealed as the beautiful, vulnerable and yes — mentally fragile — Antoinette Cosway, who descends into madness as her relationship with Mr. Rochester disintegrates. It is a book that deals with themes of racial inequality, displacement and the toxic attraction between one man and the woman he desires, even as he is repelled by the very sensuality of her nature, which captivated him in the first place. A stunning read.

Visit Natasha at her website (which has one of the coolest front pages I’ve seen in a long time) or on her Facebook page. I’ve said it before, but if you’re interested in reading supernatural fiction with a grown up edge, a good starting point is Natasha’s Season of the Witch. I’m also looking forward to reading Dark Prayer.

Rowling to Write More Harry Potter Books?

I’ve just read this BBC article which claims that Rowling has hinted at the possibility of more Potter books. Reading what is written she hasn’t so much hinted as said that she could write more, never say never and all that. Hmmm.

No one enjoyed the Harry Potter series more than I did. When I got each of the later books it was an eight-hour reading spree without food, with my family instructed to bring drinks but not to speak to me (Okay, I’m a weird herb, but they’re used to it…).

For me though, the Potter series came to a natural conclusion. I don’t think that she should write any more about Potter et al because it would seem to the outside world that she is milking a cash cow. And what would she write about? The obvious one would be to follow the offspring who are starting Hogwarts and for a rivalry between the Potters and Malfoys to be ongoing. But who would be the big bad?

I just really hope she doesn’t do this. It was sad that they ended but it will be worse if they carry on. Thoughts?

Girl Crush

I have a girl crush on Scarlett Thomas. Or maybe it’s a writer crush? Except that I don’t write. Hmmm. Either way, I’ve read two of her books now and think she is amazing.

Her books are intelligent and off the wall. I read The End of Mr. Y while off my face on painkillers following an operation (though it can be enjoyed sober) and I’ve just finished PopCo. I thought that the puff saying that it would change the way you look at the world was bound to be an exaggeration, but… well. A review to follow soon.