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Scriptum, Oxford


Scriptum, Oxford


I was introduced to this little shop on the weekend, and I could have spent years in here. It’s an amazing treasure trove of wax seals, leather journals, quills and assorted oddities. If I could have bought the entire shop, I would have. They don’t really sell reading books, the only books on display were some very expensive folio editions (cheaper to become a devoted member of the Folio Society and purchase heavily for a time) but if I ever win the lottery I will be going back to stock up my desks. I can see me now writing in a leather-bound tome with gold engraving, writing in an elegant script with a peacock feather quill and rainbow coloured inks. The perfect place to act out your Romantic/Gothic/Medieval/Harry Potter fantasy.

I came away with some vintage look postcards showing animals on vintage maps. There were two of each so I will have one to frame and another to send to lucky recipients. I will have to go back soon though. I’m sure that come pay-day I can justify my new-found need for a magnifying glass, butterfly patterned sticky notes and a few pretty marbled notebooks. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the Oxford area, their website is http://www.scriptum.co.uk/

Girl Crush

I have a girl crush on Scarlett Thomas. Or maybe it’s a writer crush? Except that I don’t write. Hmmm. Either way, I’ve read two of her books now and think she is amazing.

Her books are intelligent and off the wall. I read The End of Mr. Y while off my face on painkillers following an operation (though it can be enjoyed sober) and I’ve just finished PopCo. I thought that the puff saying that it would change the way you look at the world was bound to be an exaggeration, but… well. A review to follow soon.