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Cheltenham Literature Festival welcomes Joe Wicks and The Burpee Bears

Oh my gosh it’s back again! After going mostly digital for 2020 to navigate the challenges presented by the pandemic, The Cheltenham Literature Festival is back in the flesh with a program packed full of exciting events, and a Read The World theme. Running October 8th-17th 2021 there are a whole host of events so there’s definitely something to suit every taste.

I’m excited to have been invited to take part in a celebratory blog tour to celebrate the opening of the 2021 Cheltenham Literature Festival. Before I had my own children, I didn’t realise the sheer range of activities that were available for families at literary festivals, and the 2021 Cheltenham Literary Festival is particularly well catered for in this regard. From author talks, readings, workshops and crafting sessions.

The Burpee Bears by Joe Wicks

As part of the celebration, I was kindly gifted a copy of The Burpee Bears, the debut children’s book from lockdown favourite Joe Wicks aka PE teacher to the nation. I have to be honest, I didn’t do any of Joe’s PE lessons as I was on the early shift getting my work hours in before taking over childcare and homeschool later in the day, but I have to say Joe Wicks was a lot of the chat at work coffee mornings and my sister in law even kept up with his workouts on holiday.

In The Burpee Bears, Joe Wicks seeks to keep on inspiring families to healthy living, inviting readers into the everyday adventures of a family of bears as they get up, get moving and get outside for adventures with healthy eating and exercise incorporated into their fun.

Joe will be introducing young readers to The Burpee Bears (quickfind event LF01) at the Festival on Saturday 9th Oct 2021 from 10:00am – 10:45am and The Burpee Bears can be bought at half the retail price from the Festival Bookshop.

Find out more about some of the exciting events and books at the festival by visiting some of the blogs on the celebratory tour, or by visiting the #CheltLitFest on Twitter.