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Hospital Reading List

Operation get fit and healthy started today with me joining my fitness freak boyfriend for a run around the park. Like a caucus race, no-one won and I nearly tripped over my next door neighbour’s dog but I didn’t collapse so that’s as good as winning in my book.

The running is because I’m going into hospital for an operation on November 3rd and need to get as fit as possible for a quick recovery. I have to stay in for a fortnight so am liable to go mad with boredom. This is why I need your suggestions: I need the mother of all reading lists to keep me totally distracted from the fact that I am stuck in bed for 14 days.

I’ll try almost anything unless it has paranoia inducing hospital scenes- I made the mistake of watching a House box set when I was sick with ‘flu once… never again! Can anyone recommend some good books to take with me?