The reason I haven’t read a book in over a month…

After my post in January, I’m very pleased to be able to report that our little girl Phoebe arrived safely in late June after a short, intense labour which was on the whole a positive experience.

Dreaming about rabbits, probably.

Dreaming about rabbits, probably.

She doesn’t let me spend much time reading, and the sound of pages turning when she’s asleep seems to startle her a lot so I will have to do most of my reading on an e-reader until she’s in more of a routine.

She’s shown an early interest in books and likes to gaze at the living room bookshelf, probably because of the contrast between the white shelves and the colourful books. She falls asleep pretty quickly and doesn’t seem to pay much attention to bedtime stories, but listens with interest when I talk to her about hiring a small dragon to guard her crib and stop the wind sneaking into her belly, the price of baby burps on the black market and the possibility that her toy mouse has been caught embezzling her milk supplies…



4 thoughts on “The reason I haven’t read a book in over a month…

  1. orange

    Adorable!!!! Congratulations, and I’m glad to hear things went relatively smoothly with the delivery. Oh what an adorable baby girl! I love her bunny onesie so much.

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