Hermione leaves Ron for Harry Shocker.

So once again, JK Rowling has cause a kerfuffle among her fans by coming out with another retrospective about her plotting, this time being that she feels that she shouldn’t have had Ron and Hermione end up together. Apparently her decision was wish-fulfillment for  “reasons that have very little to do with literature”. Because in good literature the hero always ends up with his best friend who he has no chemistry with, right?

While some of the fans reactions quoted in the article above are pretty funny, I can kind of see where they are coming from, because surely the great thing about Harry Potter was the concept of friendship? To reduce it to a retrospective, Harry should have gotten “the girl” (aren’t Hermione and Ginny more than just “the girl/s” dangled as rewards for the conquering hero/es?) risks devaluing some of the core values of the series.

I was a bit annoyed when JK Rowling came out with her retrospective “Dumbledore is gay”, not because it isn’t great for Dumbledore to be gay, but because it is and if she wanted to address his sexuality, she should have done it in the books. To come out with the revelation as an after-fact made it reductive, with it appearing as something of a quest for publicity. At least that might have been an attempt to do something positive though, to come out and quibble about something as fundamental as the Harry/Hermione/Ron friendship group erases some of the magic of the series.

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