Book Jewellery- Best Bits for Readers

While putting together my Christmas list for Santa (yes, I’ll believe if it gets me presents…) I’ve come across some amazing book related jewellery that I’ve just had to share. So if you’re looking for some bling for the bookworm in your life, the trinkets below are a good place to start:


Fans of the written word will get a lot of attention with these amazing fountain pen earrings from Etsy which are made from vintage 14k gold antique pen nibs and are a bargain at £.9.57






I love this Alice in Wonderland Necklace inspired by The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party which is £12 from Notonthehighstreet, a bargain gift for any book lover.





Harry Potter fans with flowing locks may like this carved horn phoenix hair pin £15 from the V&A which looks like a wand and is reminiscent of Dumbledore’s favourite bird.




Sherlock Holmes fans will appreciate this quirky magnifying glass necklace, £25, but it’s a great gift for anyone who keeps misplacing their reading glasses as the dainty magnifying glass is a working model.




Fans of Patrick Rothfuss will be excited to receive their own set of Eolian Talent pipes, available from his website for $50. Whether that is any substitute for the long-awaited but yet-to-materialise third book, who can say.



Following on from the release of The Great Gatsby film earlier this year, you can get this adorable bow tie necklace with one of the best quotes from the novel for just £12.






This Alice in Wonderland brooch/pin £15 is super cute and would be great for keeping your scarf in place. I have trouble styling scarves (or anything) but a cool present for those who are a little more sartorially minded.





A pricey option at £85. this Galleon necklace from the V&A made me think of The Princess Bride, Peter Pan and every pirate story I’ve ever read. Very unusual and very cool.




Birdcages are still having a fashion moment, so this lovely Jane Eyre quote necklace is a must for Bronte fans at just £12.





This compass necklace with a quote from The Lord of The Rings would be a great gift for any Tolkien fan, not least one who is as excited as I am about the new Hobbit film (yes, even if they have changed it from the books…)





And for anyone who was looking for something a little more literal, check out these cute book necklaces:

Made from acid free paper and hand stitched, this little leather volume is rustic but cool.


While this simple silver design is fairytale cute.








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