Book Jewellery: The best accessories for readers

While putting together my Christmas list for Santa (yes, I’ll believe if it gets me presents…) I’ve come across some amazing book related jewellery that I’ve just had to share. So if you’re looking for some bling for the bookworm in your life, the trinkets below are a good place to start:

gold fountain pen nipp drop earrings gift for writerFans of the written word will get a lot of attention with these amazing fountain pen earrings from Etsy which are made from vintage gold plated steel antique pen nibs and are a bargain at £11.95.





iconI love this Alice in Wonderland Necklace inspired by The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party which is from Notonthehighstreet, £15 a bargain gift for any book lover.




iconSherlock Holmes fans will appreciate this quirky magnifying glass necklace, £25, but it’s a great gift for anyone who keeps misplacing their reading glasses as the dainty magnifying glass is a working model.





Fans of The Great Gatsby can get this adorable bow tie necklace with one of the best quotes from the novel for just £14.50. I wonder whether F. Scott Fitzgerald ever sobered up in a library?





iconThis Alice in Wonderland brooch/pin £18 is super cute and would be great for keeping your scarf in place. I have trouble styling scarves (or anything) but a cool present for someone who is a little more sartorially minded.






iconBirdcages are pretty timeless, so this lovely Jane Eyre quote necklace is a must for Bronte fans at just £12.






iconAnd for anyone who was looking for something a little more literal, this cute book necklace this simple silver fairytale book design is my absolute favourite. I wear mine with almost everything. 








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