Cassandra Clare and The Princess Bride Conspiracy

While I’m on the subject of The Princess Bride, has anyone else noticed the parallels between The Princess Bride and The Mortal Instruments?

The Princess Bride written by S. Morgenstern, Clary’s brother called Sebastian Morgenstern…

Guilder and Florin located between modern Germany and Sweden, Idris (the Shadowhunter country) located between Germany and France…

Erm, yeah, so that’s me trying to start the shameless conspiracy that the S. Morgenstern who wrote The Princess Bride is actually Sebastian Morgenstern, Shadowhunter gone rogue, and that the lands of Guilder and Florin (located between modern Germany and Sweden by the author) are actually a codename for Idris (Shadowhunter country) which is located between Germany and France according to Cassandra Clare. Who may just be a fan of The Princess Bride too…

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