Christmas Book Haul

I’m sure (ahem) that you’ve been waiting in a state of frenzied anticipation to see what books my family and friends got me for Christmas. I’ve finally managed to get my lazy bum in gear and dig out the camera to share the book love… ta da!

How lucky am I?

How lucky am I?

A definite fairytale theme going on. I’m looking forward to reading them all.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Book Haul

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  2. jamahistory

    You’re so lucky, my family and friends don’t buy me books as they assume since I work in a bookshop, I’ll be sick of them. But I love it when someone gives me a book they love in the hope that I will love it too.

    1. Siobhan

      Mine worry that they will give me a book I already have so I make a long list of books I’m looking to acquire and they pick from there. It’s still a surprise but makes sure I don’t get doubles of books.


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