Crochet Rainbow Reading Blanket

Sitting and reading for long periods can leave you a bit chilly in the winter, so since my last operation I’ve been making myself a crochet blanket using a pattern from a blog I found via craftgawker. It’s the first big crochet project I’ve made and, though it’s not perfect, it is cheerful and snuggly warm and perfect for cosying down in an arm-chair with a good book when it gets cold.

Winter is coming, as the Stark family are fond of saying, but I am prepared.

6 thoughts on “Crochet Rainbow Reading Blanket

  1. poppytump

    I’m all for a bit of BlanketWarmth altho’ I made mine I would love to have the knit and crochet know-how 🙂
    That looks so jolly ! attic24 at blogger is very talented too in this craft
    ps I don’t know her just came across her blog awhile ago


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