Chinese New Year: My Top 5 Dragons


I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to learn that dragons aren’t actually real. Growing up in Wales where dragon memorabilia is almost as prevalent as the accursed sheep I thought they must be. I’m sorry if this revelation has crushed your own dragon dreams. Life can be so cruel.

Fortunately, in fiction dragons are very much alive and kicking, so in honour of Chinese New Year here are my top five fictional dragons.

  1. Smaug One of the last great dragons of Middle Earth, Smaug is a very naughty dragon, but I have something of a soft spot for him. While I wouldn’t sleep on a bed of gold and jewels myself, preferring a warm and squishy bed, I admire his dedication to all things shiny. Just imagine having that attention for detail. I’ve heard that Benedict Cumberbatch will be voicing Smaug in the forthcoming film of The Hobbit, which is all kinds of brilliant, and makes up for some weirdly attractive actors playing dwarves.
  2. Falkor

    The Red Dragon of Wales The first story of dragons that I remember learning was the story of Merlin and the warring dragons (which I’ve since learned was recorded in Nennius’ Historia Brittonum no less!).

  3. Falkor Who doesn’t like a luckdragon? The best thing about The Neverending Story. This is only compounded by the luckdragon in the film adaptation bearing an uncanny resemblance to my dog.
  4. The “Denner Resin Draccus” This is my most recent dragon and it features in a book that I will be reviewing soon The Name of the Wind. There’s something strangely compelling about a dragon in a drug fuelled frenzy…
  5. Norbert Of Harry Potter fame of course. I can’t blame Hagrid for wanting a pet dragon. I’d love one of my own!

So who/what is your favourite fictional dragon? I know I’ve missed out loads (Penn books, Earthsea…) let me know.

Our luckdragon

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