Emily Bronte was Beautiful

Check out this portrait of Emily Bronte which is up for auction. She’s so beautiful, though I’m not sure how realistic it can be- I’ve never seen eyes like that outside a Disney film. If I were rich and had a suitable wall to hang it on, I’d definitely be tempted!

3 thoughts on “Emily Bronte was Beautiful

  1. Kathleen

    Have you read The Brontë Myth, by Lucasta Miller? She shows how depictions/interpretations of the sisters have been manipulated or rewritten over the years, often to reflect changing attitudes to sexuality and “the concept of personality”. Also of course just to make them look “prettier”. She includes lots of great illustrations, e.g. showing how George Richmond’s already stylised portrait of Charlotte became the basis for ever more cartoon like (saint like even) variations. I doubt her eyes were ever as vacant as the ones in this portrait…

    1. Siobhan

      No I haven’t, definitely one I’ll have to keep an eye out for. I find them fascinating and have (vaguely) resolved to read a bit more non fiction this year. Thanks for the recommendation!


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