Alice in Wonderland Inspired Gifts

Alice in Wonderland is universally popular because of the whimsy and nonsense that fill every page. It means different things to different people, but no one can deny that it is one of those stories which has sunk into the British public’s collective consciousness to the point where the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was included as a scene in this year’s Marks and Spencer Christmas advert alongside scenes from Christmas classic film of choice The Wizard of Oz and panto favourite Aladdin. If you have an Alice in Wonderland fan in your life, they would love any of the following gifts.


I’d be happy to add this pretty Penguin Hardcover Classic version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass to my collection. It is a work of art on the outside and is complete with the original Tenniel images.





For crafty Alice fans, Everything Alice is a must have. One of 2011’s most popular craft books there is something for everyone in this gorgeous book. Given that the Alice in Wonderland bedspread from Urban Outfitters has sold out, this will give you some good ideas for Alice in Wonderland style decor for the home.




Grown up Alice fans will love this too cute little Drink Me bottle from The British Library which is filled with Austrian Grüner Veltliner sparkling wine. I’m sure the wine is delicious but I want this bottle soooo much. I love trinkets…






And speaking of trinkets this Drink Me pocket watch is also amazing. It doesn’t scream Alice in Wonderland, so readers and non-obsessives alike will love it but it would make a nice vintage-style touch to any outfit.




iconI really love the Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea set pieces from Mrs Moore’s Vintage store which I think were on sale at Liberty a few years ago, but this tea pot has to be my favourite piece.




iconI’ve seen a lot of amazing Alice in Wonderland themed jewellery (I have a pretty funky Disney Couture bracelet that I bought myself in my youth…) but I have never seen a piece of Alice in Wonderland jewellery as unique as this incredibly intricate locket… a once in a lifetime present for an Alice in wonderland fan.




If you want to decorate your tree with a touch of Alice in Wonderland, then the British Library has an amazing set of tree decorations inspired by the stories. You can go Alice, Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Flamingo, but my favourite is this cute Smoking Caterpillar tree ornament.

6 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland Inspired Gifts

    1. Siobhan

      Oh no! I did a quick google search and they occasionally sell on ebay, but otherwise there’s nothing identical. You could try getting in touch with the Alice Shop in Oxford and asking if they have something similar? I pop in every now and again and haven’t seen anything, but they have an online shop now so will probably be keen to branch out.

      When I was little, my grandmother made me a bedspread with Alice in Wonderland fabric, it had John Tenniel style illustrations. If you’re crafty that might be another approach. I’ve been tempted to get a printer that can handle iron on transfers for a while now. Let me know how your search goes!

      1. ponderingsblog

        I have only just seen this reply, thank you. I have had a look at the Alice shop in Oxford previously but they don’t have anything like this, will keep an eye out on ebay though.

        I like your idea of making one however, and although I am not particularly crafty I have a few costume designer friends I may rope in, if I am successful I will post you a picture. That was lovely of your grandmother to make you one, I bet you wish you still had it!

        1. Siobhan

          Please do, I’d love to see it! If I ever get my hands on a fancy printer, I’m sure that this blog will be awash with my efforts. I sort of do still have it… it’s either at my Dad’s house or back at my grandmother’s with all the stuff that I still haven’t sorted out from my time at university… even though this year will be the 6th since I graduated!


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