Art (and Alice) in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland seems to be very much in vogue at the moment, as evidenced by the exhibition at Tate Liverpool. You can check out some of the images on display on the BBC website. I’m afraid that’s all I’ll be able to do while this exhibition lasts, since as my operation and two week hospital stay starts tomorrow, little short of holding a nurse hostage is going to get me there.

I might just have to get my private Alice collection out to make it up to myself. If you’re very good I might share them with you.

For me the John Tenniel illustrations remain the best.

4 thoughts on “Art (and Alice) in Wonderland

  1. Nicky

    You’re so right about Alice being big at the moment – I went to a cake fair last weekend and was surprised by how many of the competition entries went with a wonderland theme. Maybe there’s an anniversary I’m not aware of…

    Anyway, I see that you’re in the Oxford area, so I wondered if you’ve ever been to their Alice Day?

    1. Siobhan

      Hello Nicky, thanks for stopping by. I love Alice Day! I’m going to have to recruit a posse and go in fancy dress next year. It’s such good fun how so much of the city gets really involved.

      1. Nicky

        I’m so glad you like it, I’ve been considering stopping by but was afraid it would just be for the kids…
        So I’ll look out for a posse in costume next year and be sure to give you a wave 🙂

      2. Siobhan

        Oh no, there’s something for everyone, though especially great if you can borrow kids for the occasion I would imagine. I did a post on this year’s Alice day. The special G&Ds icecream was a highlight for me, though the Red Queen’s tea party in the natural museum grounds was also brilliant.

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