New Pad

This post comes to you from my new house. Yes, I am a homeowner and am posting this from my new abode at the dining room table which I have positioned to look out over the now dark garden. I have my desk similarly positioned upstairs, but the lightbulb in the spare bedroom has already blown…

The move went reasonably well and the place is beginning to look a bit more like home. Boxes are mostly unpacked and my books have been hastily unloaded onto shelves throughout the house. I’d planned to have a little home library with sections for literature, history, dictionaries, food, craft, general fiction and poetry (oh, and football and computing with Jon’s books thrown into the mix) but the pressure to unpack boxes as well as shelf height constraints has delayed that for now. It will happen down the line though…

My posting may still be a bit limited over the next few weeks as I clear my projects in work ahead of my forthcoming surgery, clean and decorate the house and begin my Open University course (yes, I took the plunge and signed up to the Creative Writing course… not because I think I’m good but because I think if you are willing to criticize then you should put yourself out there too!) but there will be bits and pieces coming your way.

One really annoying thing about the move is that the book I was half way through has been mislaid and I can’t abandon it half way to start another. The hunt starts here!

2 thoughts on “New Pad

  1. Patricia

    Congratulations! Many blessings in the years to come to you and yours in your new home.

    Moving is a challenge but so rewarding when everyting is as you want it.


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