My Kindred Spirit

I wish I could meet this guy. If I’m ever Washington I am going to seek out his shop.You have to read the whole article. He speaks so much sense:

“And then, there are the rules of the store. First, you can only get in when it is open. Second, no cell phones. This is a book store and not a phone booth. Third, there are words and phrases that you can’t use in my store: like, oh my God, neat, sweet, have a good one, that’s a good question, totally, whatever, perfect, Kindle or Amazon. These words give me brain damage. I’m serious. When people use them in here, I tell them to get a thesaurus and stop being so mentally lame.

Jim Toole in an interview with People’s District of Washington D.C.

I think if I lived in America I would also want to ban the word neat, but I’m Welsh and suppose I use the word tidy in the same way.


6 thoughts on “My Kindred Spirit

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  2. orange

    I want to state for the record that I hated the whole Kindle thing from the moment I first heard of it, till exactly 5 weeks ago. When I got the iPad as a gift, everyone assumed I would be all over the Kindle app and I firmly told them they were idiots. I even cast disparaging looks at the boyfriend as he read various e-books on his, and when he suggested I download at least iBooks I explained that reading wasn’t just about looking at words and nothing, NOTHING could induce me to give up the sensory delight of paper, the pleasure of running my fingers along the spines of a shelf full of books, the glee of book-shopping… in one of your recent reviews you mentioned how the cover of an otherwise quite unremarkable book was so lovely to touch, and I knew just what you meant. I know that there a whole number of reasons to boycott Kindle, but those are my selfish, personal ones.

    So how did my conversion happen? 2 months of traveling by motorbike. I had to sneak my book (and one book only) into the top-box, when the boyfriend wasn’t looking, and then beg him to get it out for me without everything falling out (this will make sense if you know about the agony of top-boxes). The book would surface with its cover scuffed, its pages ripped and warped and stained. If it was more than a couple hundred pages long, I would be cursed as he tried to stuff it back in when we hit the road again. And then when the book was finished, I had to leave it behind, whether I had a replacement lined up or not, because space was such a premium.

    Now that I travel so much, it just makes so much sense — I can access any book and have as many on the go (or just in case I run out!!) as I want. In the past I have been reduced to paying ridiculous prices for books because of how hard it is to get hold of them, especially living in Asia, and often for books I don’t even want that much but I’ve been desperate for SOMETHING to read…

    I’m not trying to convince anyone to switch… but I do feel somewhat guilty for turning coats and so I wanted to get it off my chest! 😉

  3. Siobhan

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your confession! I’m still looking at the bit where you say about your boyfriend reading with a touch of jealousy. Mine reads articles about football and computers and that’s about it!

    I can see that kindles have their uses, but I won’t have one of my own. And I refuse to believe that they will kill off the printed book, because many really are works of art.

    1. orange

      Hmm I wouldn’t be jealous as he mostly reads non-fiction, things about humanitarian aid and development and war and other depressing things which make me feel uncomfortably hedonistic. He was reading a biography before he left but it was about HEMINGWAY who he always trying to press on me but who I don’t really like. When he isn’t nudging me towards Hemingway he is trying to push Kurt Vonnegut. Such unoriginal and masculine taste in books, really! Then again, looking for something to watch on his laptop, I discovered a hidden stash of… Gray’s Anatomy of all things! I teased him mercilessly, although he pretended not to care.

  4. Siobhan

    Ha, I was bemused to find some Dusty Springfield on my boyfriend’s ipod. Turned out it got there from a soundtrack.

    I think it works quite well that he’s not a huge reader. It prevents any bitter read offs and means that we have our own things which we like- we’ve been playing scrabble on his phone tonight and it’s getting vicious.

    But I do know that the minute it hits half time in the football my reading gets interrupted- a reader would never do that!


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