Book Famine, White Chocolate and Raspberry Blondie Feast

I had lots of plans for how I would spend the six weeks living alone. One idea was pilates every other day to sort out the book belly before it became a problem but I ended up making these instead.

Yum, that is all

The recipe is here if you fancy making them. I used soft golden sugar instead of musavado and salted butter instead of unsalted then didn’t add any extra salt- means you can’t cook it as long as they suggest on anything but a low temp but it worked just fine. They were really easy and taste amazing- don’t worry I’m taking them to work so will only eat about half.

I’m between books at the moment. I finished Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin yesterday and can’t decide what I should move on to. It’s beginning to worry me. I had to take a magazine on the bus this morning… I don’t know how I’ll cope tomorrow.


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