Anyone Else Sick of Harry Potter?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the books and I’m sure that one day they will have a special place in my heart again but if I hear one more person say, “Waaaah! Waaaah! It’s the end of my childhood!” I will probably punch something. You’re half way to fifty, grow the hell up before you end up like the boy in that Rachel Bilson film Waiting for Forever

Because for me, HP ended with the books. I haven’t watched any of the films since Order of the Phoenix because Daniel Radcliffe’s face irritated me to the point of murder and I’m not sure I can be bothered to catch up. So thank you, Jon Cozart, for saying goodbye without taking things to seriously. See Jon’s video below and follow him on twitter at @JonCozart.

7 thoughts on “Anyone Else Sick of Harry Potter?

  1. Phantoms Siren

    Personally I only read the books because Alan Rickman was in the films, so for me the whole thing ended with the travesty of the HBP movie. What a terrible film!

    Have any other generations had that kind of pre-planned series to track their lives to? Cos HP was always going to end. You couldn’t very well have had a kids book about 27 year old Harry getting his first mortgage. Let that be a lesson to future generations – if you don’t want to look like a whiny dork only follow open ended continuously produced book series :p

  2. hermione7r7

    Not really tired of it. But if my friend comes up to me again and goes “HARRY POTTER PALS! MAGIC!” again. I will kill myself. (Not literally of course.) But she is flipping OBSESSED…

  3. robert

    i used to like it now its just getting old. its worn out. we need another good series out there besides hunger game (brutal with capital B) and twilight (um, ew.) wish there was an outsiders 2, or better yet another book by S.E. Hinton… My favorite author 🙂

    1. Siobhan

      I am very into Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingskiller Chronicles, but no idea when the third book in the trilogy will be out. I highly recommend them if you like fantasy books even a teeny little bit.


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