J.K. Rowling-In It

Will be tomorrow’s headline in The Sun (rolling in money, geddit?) Not that she wasn’t already, but you may have already heard that J.K.R did not sell the digital rights to her books to Bloomsbury, and I’ve been waiting for some time for her to make a move in this direction.

Following much speculation in the press that Pottermore would be a world-wide treasure hunt for hidden Harry Potter wands (sounds like great fun, if a bit unwieldy) and my own secret hope that this would be a move to a UK theme park, the Pottermore website revealed today that Pottermore would be a free website building an interactive experience around reading the Potter books. Screenshots suggest that there will be opportunities for readers to play games like wizard chess as they read about these in the books.

I’m sure that this will be a great resource for people reading the paper books who want to get more involved in the world of Potter, but it’s certain to bring the books back into world-wide focus if these features are available with the eBooks for download…

Pottermore is currently  jammed with people trying to enter their email address for updates, but you didn’t need to be a professor of divination to know that would happen. Sign up when you can for updates though, as there will be an announcement on Harry’s birthday (July 31st to muggles) to let you know how you can trial the system early.

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