36 Arguments for the Existence of God by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

If Cass Seltzer wasn’t an atheist, his change in fortunes might be described as miraculous. A professor of the Psychology of Religion at a backwater university, Cass writes a book exploring the 36 arguments believers use in order to prove the existence of God and debunking them. Overnight, a lucrative book deal, a job offer from Harvard and a romantic relationship with a woman who might be described as the rock star of game theory leave Cass almost unable to recognise his own life and prompt him to explore how he came to write the book.

It’s tempting to believe that this book has been published because the title is bound to engender controversy, but I can reassure you that I found this an engaging, entertaining read which treats religion and spirituality with respect and warmth. With would be mystics, French poets, child prodigies, wit, wisdom and the most loveable and hateable array of characters I’ve encountered in a long time 36 Arguments for The Existence of God is a fantastic read- whatever your religious persuasion.

Oh, and if you want to know the arguments, and the counterarguments, turn to the appendix; but be warned you might end up with your eyes boggling in your head- especially if you attempt to understand the game theory!

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