Lauren Kate Fallen series news

With the release of Passion on June 14th as a follow up to Fallen  and Torment Lauren Kate sent out some question and answers for fans which I’ve copied and pasted for anyone who is interested:

How many Fallen books are you writing? What’s the publishing plan for the series? When is the next book coming out?

Fallen is the first book in the four-book series—though Passion (the third book) will explain many of the things that have happened before the narrative of Fallen began. For those of you worried about the cliffhanger at the end of Torment—don’t! Passion picks up right where Torment left off. It’s told from both Luce and Daniel’s points of view and is going to be SO COOL. The final book, which I’m working on now is called Rapture. It brings back all the characters we’ve met over the course of the series and ends with a stunning climax.

Here’s the publication schedule for the final two books:  Passion in the June 14, 2011, and a final book, Rapture, in the spring of 2012.

What do you have planned after the Fallen series is complete?

Something cool. Stay tuned…

Will there be a movie?

The film rights for all four books were optioned by Disney/Mayhem Productions in December of last year. Mayhem is Disney edgier production company, for anyone who has concerns about Disney being purely for younger kids. I got to have lunch with the Disney people and they seem really excited about getting the movie going. I don’t have any new information yet, but hopefully there is more to come! I will keep you posted on my blog. For those who asked, I love Lucy Hale for Luce, Liam Hemsworth for Daniel, and Emma Stone for Arriane.

She went on to say that she thinks Ed Westwick would make a great Cam. I could not disagree more. He would be awful casting! Just not what Cam is in my mind. And as much as I like Emma Stone, I really don’t see her as Arianne…

15 thoughts on “Lauren Kate Fallen series news

  1. Siobhan

    Nooooo, he always plays the same wooden character and I think of Cam being a bit more subtle than that. If anything he’d make a better Daniel, because the distant, manipulative character is the one he plays so well. Plus Cam’s meant to be quite edgy… could you picture Ed Westwick with a tattoo?!

  2. rani

    I think he would make a horrible cam i cant picture them as one person,besides i think cam would more sexier ed westwick just seem like a good choice.I think emma can pull off arriane but there could be a better choice.

    1. Siobhan

      For looks alone, Tom Sturridge, but I don’t know about acting. Have you seen the publicity videos on Lauren Kate’s website? Some of the most cringe inducing things I’ve ever seen.

  3. Rayven

    Lucy would make an AMAZING Luce, I really hope Lauren sticks really strong to it and gets her for the movie. I love Lucy. I reckon MAYBE, bigggg MAYBE Aaron Johnson for Cam, but he still seems a little too soft…

  4. Chelsea

    I think Chace Crawford would be an AMAZING Cam. And Lucy Hale would be great as Luce.
    But, everytime I think of Daniel i picture him as Alex Pettifer… I don’t know tho… It’s just my personal opinion….Anyway i really hope you do make a movie, i would totally love to watch them over and over again!!!

  5. Seclinda

    i dont like who she has for arriane either… but i think cam is good… Luce is PERFECT thats actually who i have been picturing when reading the books.. before i found all this out ! 😀 i think i think Ian Somerholder would be better for Cam tho (:

  6. Sabrina


    Especially Emma Stone and Lucy Hale. They do not fit the role for Arriane and Luce at all!

    For Arriane, I think Dakota Fanning
    and for Luce, Jodelle Ferland!

  7. Megan

    Honestly I think Daniel should be played by Tommy Bastow. It’s just the way I pictured him, but with blonde hair of course. Lucy will make a great Luce and Cam well I’m not sure I dont really picture Ed playing him.

  8. shannon

    Well when I read the books I pictured pll that I kinda made in my head and most pll do so everyones going to fuss about who gets what role but if the movie is anything like the books then I’m shure we fans will love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jessica

    I think that Cam should be played by Robbie Amell!! I def don’t think Emma Stone should play Arriane! I barely liked her in Harry Potter. Arriane should be a hard a$$ and pretty at the same time. I dont know about Daniel, i just want him to be CUTE and a GOOD ACTOR. He needs to be the new heart throb instead of stupid Robert Pattinson. I am SOO tired of Twilight so I hope that Fallen becomes a movie because no matter what it will be GREAT!!!! 🙂

  10. Shannon Demarais

    okay so I’m really excited for this movie!! more then i did for the twilight movies!! omg I’m so happy for them! I’m going to every movie at the night premier for sure!! I’m not so happy with who you pick for daniel. i really don’t like that actor much. i didn’t like him in the hunger games either. i like the other actors you picked but i dislike liam hemsworth. if you could change him i be happy but if you can’t whatever. ill still go see the movie for sure! I’m looking forward to this!!

  11. vee

    ALEX PETTYER should be Daniel!he would be perfect!he is exactly what i picture Daniel to look like && he’s soooo hot(: for luce i think LYNDSY FONSECA from Nikita should be her!she looks like what i think Luce would look like(: but you should check her out before you decide lol(;&& Cam i was thinking DREW ROY but he looks too good boy but he is cute idk though Cam he just better be hot and look like a bad boy straight up (example:Ian Somerhalder…maybe he should be cam hehe)!:D


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