Day 19 – Your “comfort” book

A dirty secret here, but when I’m feeling tired and grumpy I eat junk food and read junk. Not junk as in trashy fiction books, that’s generally not a dirty secret for me, if the story is enjoyable I don’t mind what I read to much, so junk reading isn’t a book.

My junk reading usually takes the form of fashion magazines like Elle or Instyle (no Cosmpolitan in my house, the neologisms like sexpert make me angry).

What do you comfort read?

3 thoughts on “Day 19 – Your “comfort” book

  1. averageinsuburbia

    I love to go to the bookstore, drink a cup of coffee and leisurely thumb through Instyle. I learn all kinds of fashion tips that I never seem to use. I must say, however, that my number one guilty reading pleasure and one I look forward to every 6 weeks is reading People magazine when I’m at the hair salon!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it!

    1. Siobhan

      Hello! Thanks for the comment. I have to be honest, I visit the instyle website of occassions too. My favourite magazine is Easy Living, but that’s not a guilty pleasure so much. I have a subscription! I like the life in books section they do, as well as the interior design section where you snoop around designers houses.

  2. sara0611

    I read the books I loved as a kid…mostly girlcentric mysteries of decades past – Trixie Belden, Kay Tracy, Nancy Drew. Comforting, absorbing, they make me feel safe and transported back to childhood!


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