Day 11 – A book that disappointed you

I found Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood very disappointing. I’m a big fan of all her writing, especially dystopian stuff like The Handmaid’s Tale, Oryx and Crake and her latest, The Year of the Flood; so I was disappointed that this book lacked her distinctive voice and panache. I don’t know how it won The Booker Prize any more than I know how The Hand That First Held Mine won the Costa Prize for fiction (though I suspect it might have been something to do with getting a book that fundamentally flawed publish, I digress.)

To me, Alias Grace was a pale version of A Gathering Light by Jenifer Donnelly. The novel had the most bizarrely weak ending, I still can’t convince myself that Atwood would publish something so lifeless. I’ve read several times about novels which she has murdered in their infancy because she decided they just weren’t up to scratch- how did this escape the cull?

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  1. orange

    I loved Alias Grace (yes, I’m reading your blog without any semblance of chronological order!). I read it around the same time as I read A Pin to See the Peepshow — very similar concept, really — and loved them both. Then again I can’t have been very old (11 or so?) when I read them and would have had very little critical insight… Maybe I should read it again from the perspective of an adult woman rather than as a fanciful/bloodthirsty/overly romantic pre-teen! My first Margaret Atwood was Cat’s eye, and I devoured everything I could get my hands on after that… perhaps a little too indiscriminately at times…


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