Day 05 – A book or series you hate

Hate is too strong a word, but other than my James Joyce dalliance, Silas Marner. My English teacher made me read it when I started secondary school at the age of eleven, because he felt that I didn’t read enough classics. It put me off classics for life. I’m sure that he was trying to broaden my scope of material and thought he was doing me a favour, but it actually just meant the first time I’ve ever not enjoyed reading in English lessons. I’d read things like Dracula and The Phantom of The Opera, but they are much more accessible and engaging because of their cultural status.

I think if you force someone to read “the classics” before they’re ready then you risk putting them off for life. My view when I was teaching was, in terms of literacy, it’s better for a child to read something they enjoy, be it a newspaper, Kerrang or NME magazine even, God forbid, Cosmpolitan, than read nothing at all.

3 thoughts on “Day 05 – A book or series you hate

  1. Theresa Lauf

    Remembering Babylon, by David Malouf. I shall never forgive him for being such a bore. I was forced to read it for uni, but could only bring myself to read every few pages…enough to get through a tutorial.

  2. carrie m

    For some reason I could never make it through Jane Eyre. I know it’s good, but I just couldn’t hack my way through. I don’t think I can say I hate it, but I can say I’ll be hard pressed to try again.


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