Oxford Literary Festival and World’s Biggest Book

Oxford is a fantastic place to live if you like literature. So many fantastic books are set here that you can walk around tracing the steps of your favourite characters (if you like that kind of thing) or you can hang out in pubs which were frequented by greats like Tolkien, Lewis Carroll and C.S. Lewis. It’s not too bad for celebrity spotting when period dramas are being filmed here, and it’s certainly a good spot for literary festivals, such as the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival which is being held in Oxford at the moment.

Entrance to Festival Bookstore

Other than the wide variety of lectures, something that I was really looking forward to seeing was the “thing” that was billed as The World’s Biggest Book. I have to say I was disappointed. I wouldn’t even call it a book, more a long poster.

Front of "Book"

Back of "Book"

What do you think? Would you class this as a book?

I feel cheated.

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