Weekend Book Snacks

I decided to treat myself last night. The perfect accompaniment to a good book; this weekend Maggie O’Farrell’s The Hand That First Held Mine. I get mine in Waitrose, not Laduree sadly, though they are still ridiculously expensive. The good thing about them as a weekend snack is that my boyfriend will only steal one, at most two, as he gets upset that his hands are too big and they always seem to crack no matter how gently he picks them up.

I viewed a house today (loved it, she had excellent bookshelves) so am really going to have to cut back on the spending. Maybe I can try making my own macarons and sell them to buy the house. If I go down the Laduree price plan I’d probably only have to sell… five… to get a deposit.

1 thought on “Weekend Book Snacks

  1. Bookspread

    Are you talking about the button sized La Durée macarons or about the cookie-sized La Durée macarons?

    But. They are perfect for snacking with a book. A good macaron doesn’t crumble or stain your fingers, and you can eat it in a bite and reach for other with a completely different flavor (like… mint and then caramel beurre salé and then raspberry-passion… yum), like two opposing sentences. Just too good.


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