Giveaway for World Book Night

Hello all, as you can see I still have lots of copies of Life of Pi to give away. As in my last post, all you have to do is email me at with your address. I won’t keep your details after sending the books, don’t worry!

4 thoughts on “Giveaway for World Book Night

  1. bwitch

    Thank you Siobhan. It’s very kind of you to offer a copy of your giving book. I have to confess that “Life of Pi” is on my Bookmooch list, which I use to acquire books for my grandmother, who is also a keen reader but very hard to choose for. “Life of Pi” has been recommended so many times, I thought it a good choice for her; however, if I am lucky enough to receive one of your remaining copies, I will read it first and then pass it to her. Please do let me know if you are tracking your books and I will update it for you.

    Thanks again and congratulations, too, on being a giver.

  2. Emma

    What a fantastic idea! Wish I’d thought of that! I handed most of mine out to local organisations and charities – and some to people I passed on the street. I love the idea of handing them out online though – fab!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading through your blog! I’ve gone post by post right back to the beginning! You have a really nice writing style. And you’ve made me want to start reading lots of new books. I really like the idea too – books and biscuits! Lol. Incidentally, I own the poetry book in your header image – I found it in a bookshop one day and opened it to a random page which just so happened to be my favourite poem! I had to buy it after that. Oh, and I don’t know if you’ve read ‘Nice Cup of Tea and A Sit Down’ by Nicey and Wifey or not – but if not then I’d definitely recommend it. Good writing, hysterically funny reading, and biscuits!

    Anyway – just thought I’d say hi. I’ve taken out a subscription!

    Take care!

    Emma x

    1. Siobhan

      Yes I have! We had that book in university and used to sit and read it together (myself and my housemates); there were heated debates on the finer points of various biscuits, but we agreed with the reuse of tea bags (one bag equals two cups drinking). Thanks for reminding me of that- it belonged to my friend Emily so I should definitely hunt down my own copy 🙂 thanks for subscribing!


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