Hamlet… in an eggshell

Happy Easter! I might have had a little too much time on my hands today, so how better to spend it than making the cast of Hamlet from eggs… yeah, don’t answer that.

Hamlet eggs

Omlet, Prince of Denmark

It’s only when you make the cast out of eggs that you realise how many Easter puns you can stick into misquotes. Alas, poor Yoregg, I knew him well… Don’t worry. I’m back in work tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Hamlet… in an eggshell

    1. Siobhan Post author

      I hope that doesn’t mean you were having a bad morning? It kept me out of trouble and I was able to teach Jon about Hamlet by formally introducing him to each egg with a brief character description. Claudius is a rotten egg, Ophelia is a bit cracked and Omlet might be too… today Hamlet, tomorrow the world.


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